Would you like a free mobile APP?

Seriously!  I am not kidding!

I hope I have your attention, because this is a serious, possibly a Once In A Lifetime Offer.

Before I explain more about the free mobile app let me emphasize that Expert Website Marketers is on a mission to reach businesses that have…

1. Old, Out-Dated, and even Unappealing Websites


2. A website that is not Mobile Friendly.

Does your website fall into either of those two categories?

If so, We Can Help You!

In today’s world, having a Mobile Optimized Website is 100% necessary for 99% of all business owners and since all marketing efforts online drive traffic to a website, having a quality website is the KEY to online marketing success.

Your website is essentially your ambassador to your business online.

It represents you to the world and allows for local market searches looking for your services.

So, let’s look at the reasoning for getting your site updated.

First… An outdated website, sends a signal to your customers that you may not be as professional as you should be… in their minds… and having a top-grade online presence for your business is really NOT that important.

People gravitate towards beauty and excellence and tend to shy away from unappealing and poor quality.

If they see your business through the lens of a terrible looking website, they WILL go to a competitor.

Second, Google is actually penalizing businesses if their website is not Mobile Ready… meaning they might rank your website on page 10,000 where nobody sees it.

As it is, consumers are using mobile devices now more than ever.

If they can’t find you on their mobile device or can’t access your business easily they will go to your competitor.

See how important having a Mobile Responsive, Attractive and Up-To-Date website is to you?

Now, let’s discuss what having a Mobile App means.

There are over 27.2 Million Small Businesses in the USA alone.

86.2% of business owners have said they would love an app, but are under the impression that it’s only affordable for “Fortune 500 Companies”.

Business owners happily pay upwards of $20,000-$40,000 (even $70,000) to get a private mobile app for their business, because they know it will pay them big dividends in return.

Even small businesses are typically charged around $2,500 – $10,000 Setup and then $200 – $600 per month maintenance fees.

But your starter mobile app could be free when you have us build your website.

What a Great Deal right?

So, Let Us Craft The Perfect Website For You.

Right now we have a 30% Off Special taking place for new customers.

Plus, a free basic mobile App which will be placed on the Google PlayStore for android devices.

This will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Beyond a basic mobile app, we do have more advanced features should you wish to upgrade later.  So it’s entirely scalable.

With advanced features like…  “Push Notifications” which are guaranteed to bring in customers… almost on demand.

You have two choices of website design and hosting services we offer.

Get the “Client Leased” website option where you pay a nominal set up fee and an ongoing Monthly Maintenance Fee to keep your website operational, hosted and maintained by us.

Choose the Competitive or Premium versions to qualify in getting your free mobile app.


Get the “Client Owned” website option where you own, post, and maintain your own website with a variety of the many features you’ve chosen to set up through our design team.  There are no normal ongoing monthly maintenance costs.

Choose the Premium Themed, Custom, or E-Commerce versions to qualify for your free mobile app.  Sorry, we can’t offer the free mobile app for the Starter Packages.

So, now you have an easy choice to make.

Get a great looking, modern, mobile responsive website and choose one of two options.

Once you get your website built, we will go to work creating your Starter Mobile App and have it available within days.  It comes with free maintenance costs for up to 6 months.

You can then start getting it out to your customers for use.

You can see more by going to Expert Website Marketers.com and clicking on the Services Tab in the upper menu…

Then select Responsive Web Design or Mobile App Development.

Each of those pages will also provide you with some free valuable reports and gifts too.

Finally, schedule an appointment by clicking the Free Consultation menu link and choose how you want to reach us.  We’ll then get with you right away.

Don’t wait long though, once we put our team to work and they are maxed out, we could remove the Monthly Maintenance Fee 30% Discount and Free Starter Mobile App at any time, because we want to be fair to those businesses who took advantage of this Great Deal early on.

For everyone who schedules an appointment on our appointment calendar during April and the early part of May, you will be locked in at the discount and free mobile app.

Go here to get locked in the schedule.

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Easy Search Marketing Tips to Boost Your Site

Here is a list of 5 Easy SEO Marketing tips which you can use to help boost your website in the rankings.

With so many sites on the web today, there is no single method to use for your site to rank high up in Google – but there are plenty of simple things you can do to increase your site’s chances of ranking real well. However, these tricks of the trade are the beginnings of a great searchable website.  See the entire list here.

Consider How Pros Rank Websites Fast

To ensure the best rankings for the long term, you must first get your site seen by people searching for niche or services.

After doing the five initial stepe, you then make sure to get listed in all of the top Aggregators and Search Engine Directories.  Usually, for a nominal cost you can begin moving up in the rankings faster than if you were to just wait on Google.  Getting professionals to help will give you the advantage you’ll need i in your First Steps to Search Engine Marketing success.

Marketing your product online helps you to connect to more customers and increases your chance of getting in more sales and reaching that online marketing success. However, if you are one of those people who are just starting to venture into this online business you may find it hard to setup a strong base in this market.

Thankfully there are a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are willing to help and share their knowledge to make your online business venture a feat and fruitful one. There are also a lot of options and tips online that you can undertake should you wish to be successful in this field. Below are some tips that you might want to consider when starting your online venture:

As a starter in the business it would be beneficial to have a professional website that is easy to navigate and provide information to customers fast. Having presentable and professional web pages and online accounts also helps an entrepreneur or marketer get better impression from visitors and customers and would likely lead to a beneficial transaction between parties. Checking the current trend in the design industry helps a lot on giving you an idea of what a professional website should look like.

Attend webinars of well-established marketers, attend to as many as you can until you are confident you have learned enough knowledge from them. It doesn’t matter if your field or niche is different as theirs, what matters is that you learn how they deliver their webinars to their audience and how they establish a connection with them. Learning how to deal with customers properly in real-time would help you build a strong connection with them and it makes you provide your message and sales pitch more easily.

Ask expert advice and don’t be afraid to partner with some established marketers. There are a lot of generous online and offline consultants that are more than willing to share their knowledge to aspiring individuals in the market, don’t be afraid to approach them. Partnering with some of the well-established consultants in the market today does not only benefit you to gain more knowledge from the business but it also helps you get some leads. And leads are important if you wish your business to last long and be successful.

Online marketing and consultancy business requires a lot of time, effort, enough skills and most specially connections if you are still establishing your name. It may not be easy at first but if you get utilize the appropriate tools for your business and acquire the right knowledge things will be a bit easier. Always make connections with new and old individuals in the market, you will learn exciting information and get a better grasp of the business as you move towards imprinting success on your name in the industry.