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For your convenience in paying for any services or products you’ve ordered, we’ve set up this Payment Page to allow you to pay for it immediately.

  1. Just click here or on the Pay Now button below
  2. Enter in the amount you need to pay (for a specific product, service, etc.) which you know ahead of time (purchase amount, monthly continuity plan, etc.)
  3. Include your Name, phone number, product or service description and any additional comments in the Comments Box.
  4. Press Pay Now.  Our PayPal name “Profit Quests” or “Carter Resource Development” will show on the receipt as the Payee.
  5. Print and save your receipt.

An alternative payment arrangement would be to ask for an Invoice to beemailed to you electronically, either through PayPal or by email where you may wish to make your payment here, but we ask for your patience in providing this for you.

If you have a Preapproved Monthly or Quarterly Continuity Payment, you may access it through PayPal (go to your Profile, then Preapproved Payments link). Newsletter And Resources

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